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Cheap Paella Pans - UK suppliers of Authentic Cheap Paella Pans, Paella Gas Burners, Catering Paella Pans, Paella Accessories! Go on… be the envy of your friends and bring your Spanish Holiday Experience home with you… If you are looking for Authentic Paella Pans imported from Spain then you have definitely come to the right place. So i hear you ask, what is a paella pan? Well Paella is an authentic Valencian dish named after the pan in which it is cooked. The pans are usually large or extra large Paella Pans used to cook Paella in the best possible way. Paella World imports its products directly from Vaello Campos who are based in Valencia in Spain, the birthplace of the Authentic Spanish Paella. We buy our Authentic Paella Pans and Paella Gas Burners in large quantities so we can pass on our savings on our Paella Pans and Paella Gas Burners to our customers. If you want a Pan for Paella you have arrived at a company which specialises in your needs. Our passion is for bringing our Spanish imported Paella Pans and Cooking Equipment whether it be Paella Gas Rings or even Paella Pots and Griddles to your home so you can enjoy the taste of Paella the authentic way. What better way to enjoy the taste of Paella than in your own home with your Authentic Paella Pan and Paella Gas Burner.


We sell Paella Pans ranging from our 26cm Paella Pan to our 115cm Paella Pan. Our most popular Paella Pans are definitely the Enamelled Paella Pans with their non-stick capabilities. The 46cm Paella Pan is our most popular size as it provides 8 meal sized portions or 10 tapas sized portions and perfect for a garden party. Our Paella Pans don’t just have to be used to serve Paella! They can be used to serve Curry, Bolognaise and other dishes that require such a large pan that Paella Pans offer. Also we stock a great range of Paella Woks and Paella Griddles, which can turn your Paella Pan and Cooker into the perfect BBQ in an instant! Also some of our customers like to take their Paella Pans camping telling us that they can cook just about anything and just take one Paella Pan and Paella Gas Burner. We also stock a range of Paella Ingredients ranging from Paella Spoons to Paella Rice to Authentic Spanish Saffron to Paella Gas Burner Stands.